SUHSD student email accounts are Google email accounts.  You can log in to your school email by going to the Gmail log-in page.  When you log in through the Gmail page you will need to include your entire username (including 


Students district-wide should have received their Gmail IDs on their locator cards.  Your username is assigned by the district, you do not create your own.  The username varies depending on whether the student has a common last name, such as Sanchez.

One example might be:

Another might be:

If you no longer have your locator card and want to find your district assigned username, you can come to the library or find it through logging into Canvas using your iPad or a desktop computer.  


The default password for students is their 8 digit date of birth.  (2 digits for month, 2 digits for day, and 4 digits for year).   For example, June 17, 2001 would be 06172001.  You will be prompted (on your first log-in) to choose a new password.  Make sure you do your best to pick a password you can remember.  The password must be 8 digits.