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9/11/17:  The fall break is a great time to catch up on your AR reading.  Be sure to stop by the library this week to check out books to read over the break.  You can check out up to 3 books.  We just got hundreds of new books, come check them out!

9/5/17:  Congratulations to the 281 students that earned AR prizes for the first progress report period.  The next progress report period ends on Oct. 27.  You must have met at least 60% of your goal to earn AR prizes.  

8/1/17:  Welcome back to school!  By now everyone should have their textbooks and iPads, and by the end of this week everyone will have their first AR book checked out.  Let's start earning some points!!! The first AR reward is coming up on progress report day September 1st : )

We open on  this Friday, August 4 for you to come and study, use computers, or check out more books from 7:45-3:30.  If you are still having iPad issues, come see our technician before school or during lunchtime.

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @mom_library for news and book recommendations!

5/12/17: Important Dates: May 16: AR Store  (through English classes) May 22: 8th Gr text Collection (through History classes) and all AR books due  May 23-25 Text Collection (through World Cultures classes)  May 26: 8th Gr iPad Collection  June 2: 7th Grade iPad collection (You may turn in your iPad May 1st and get a treat!)

5/8/17: The clock is ticking!  Have you reached your AR point goal yet?  If not, get yourself to the library to pick up some books to read!!!

Those students who meet 100% or more of their semester point goal will be invited to the AR Store at the library on May 16th to spend your points on some cool stuff.  Don't miss out! 

The last day to check out AR books is May 19.  We begin collecting instructional materials on May 22..  Check with your science and social science teachers to find out what day your classes are scheduled.  

3/13/17: If you read at least one of the books nominated for the California Young Reader Award this year, come to the library this Wednesday to vote for your favorite. You can vote before/after school, nutrition break or lunch.  You get a little treat when you vote, as well an "I Voted" sticker : )  See the nominated books on the "I Love to Read" page. 

If you are behind in AR points, spring break is a great time to catch up. Come by to check out books before the end of the week. You can check out up to 3 books at any time. 

2/27/17We are celebrating Read Across America all this week!!!  We have lots of goodies and opportunities to win prizes each time you check out books at the library this week. 

Reading Challenge-Students who reach 100% or more of their semester AR goal by March 2nd (Dr. Seuss' birthday) get a lunch goodie bag delivered to them that same day.  Are you up for the challenge?

2/13/17: Happy Valentines! It's Love Your Library Week, we want you to turn in any overdue books you are still hanging on to.  There are no fines, no punishments just put them in the drop box!  We are giving hugs and kisses in return just for checking out more books... Hershey's candy hugs and kisses that is : )  

Here are the links to the book trailers for the Red Queen books that I'll be talking about on KMMI:

Red Queen        The Glass Sword            King's Cage

2/7/17: Progress Reports are distributed next week on Thursday 2/16.  For an "A" in AR you need to have met at least 30% of your AR point goal.  We are giving away a sweet treat at the ASB that day during lunch to all "A" students!

Got overdue books? Turn them in!!! You don't even have to pay an overdue fine, just make sure you turn them in and you can check out some more.  Other students want to them too you know...

12/7/16: The clock is ticking!  Have you reached your AR point goal yet?  If not, get yourself to the library to pick up some books to read!!!

Those students who meet 100% or more of their semester point goal will be invited to the AR Store at the library on December 15th to spend their points on some cool stuff.  Don't miss out! 

11/1/16: The new Wimpy Kid book goes on sale today!! Come by later this week to check out Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down.  If you aren't one of the first students lucky enough to get your hands on a copy, ask the library staff to place a hold on for you and we'll send you a notice when it's ready for you.
10/17/16: Follow us on Instagram @ mom_library or search Montgomery Middle Library.  We have posted the winners of our bookface contest on Instagram.  Thanks to all students and staff that participated!

10/5/16: Welcome back from our fall break.  Hopefully you read lots of books and are ready to take AR quizzes.  

Next week we celebrate Teen Read Week; the theme this year is "Read For the Fun of It".  We are having a Bookface contest.  Look online for ideas, and then come by the library with a friend to snap your picture.  All entries due by Friday and the winner gets a prize pack that includes a Barnes and Noble gift card!  

Come by the library to turn in books you checked out before the break to avoid overdue fines and check out more books to read.  The next progress report card is issued on October 28 and you will have to meet 60% of your goal for an A.  That same day, all "A" students can also pick up a treat at the ASB during lunch.

9/12/16If you have any problems with your iPad (no wifi, damages, apps don't work, etc) you need to fill out a report at the library and submit your iPad for repairs.

If you need any help with Canvas, Jupiter Grades, or general questions about iPad use, visit the Genius Bar in room 310 on Tues., Wed., or Thurs. during lunch.

Book Club members: Our first meeting is on Wednesday the 14th.  Don't forget you must maintain an A in AR to attend meetings!

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